How to rule out rules?

Having rules is safe. Rules protect Rules simplify Rules create consistent Rules maintain predictability Not having rules is dangerous. Rules mask individuality Rules stifle creativity Rules kill vitality In my opinion, rules are… Continue reading

Stop living a lie!

Are you still sacrificing the things that matter most on the altar of urgency? Do you say, “Things will be different tomorrow?” I have friends that are sacrificing their spouse, children, friends, and… Continue reading

Six Energizing Ways to Let Go and Start Again

Let go of the past After establishing goals and vision the most important thing you can do to create your future is letting go of the past. Let go of past successes. Sure,… Continue reading

5 Surprising Ways to Inspire Others

You make a difference by helping others make a difference. Here’s how: Stop fixing. If your passion for excellence and success drives you to constantly fix people, stop fixing. Do you think people… Continue reading

Open Leadership – the Failure Imperative

Few things are more powerful than a successful failure. Michel de Montaigne wisely said, “There are defeats more triumphant than victories.” Your good failures make you, your bad failures break you. Seneca said,… Continue reading

Open Leadership – Some Sanity

Openness is central to the integration of social media with leadership and business. I had one leader skeptically say, “Let’s see what happens three years from now,” as if social media was going… Continue reading