12 Ways Young Leaders Earn Admiration from Elders

You can’t succeed if people don’t admire something about you. The more admiration you earn, the further you’ll go.

Opportunity and admiration go hand in hand.


Don’t set out to be admired. Set out to make a difference.

Older employees:

Older employees roll their eyes at cocky young know-it-alls and think, they’ll learn.

5 ways to earn admiration from older employees:

  1. Hold yourself and them to high standards. Avoid being timid about excellence! When you lower your standards, you limit your career.
  2. Invite elders to teach you.
  3. Respect their skills.
  4. Honor the fact that they get the job done, day after day. You don’t have enough “day after day” in your past.
  5. Don’t let them look down on you. Its better to screw up while trying than not to try at all.

Bonus: Don’t put yourself down.

Earn admiration by avoiding arrogance.

Arrogant young leaders:

  1. Over-simplify. “Oh! That’s easy.” Arrogant leaders belittle those doing the work, when they making it sound simple, easy, or insignificant.
  2. Love to talk about things they haven’t done, as if it they had.
  3. Lie to save face.
  4. Back-stab, gossip, and put down.
  5. Fear stepping out because they might look bad.


7 ways young leaders earn the boss’ admiration:

  1. Understand that life is connected. Performance in the field impacts the office. When you don’t get the job done, your boss look bad. It’s not just about you.
  2. Express interest in the big picture. Go beyond learning policy and procedure. Ask, what’s important about this?
  3. Figure out what the boss wants and why they want it.
  4. Expedite don’t whine. Solve problems. Don’t be a bottleneck.
  5. Embrace organizational values.
  6. Understand their concerns or fears and answer them before they ask. Over communicate.
  7. Seek advice. Follow through when you receive it.

Embrace inexperience with confidence not frivolity.

How can young leaders earn the admiration of their elders?

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