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Secrets to Building Great Leaders

If you plan to achieve great things you must develop great leaders. How to fail: The break-fix model seldom develops greatness. The break-fix model is problem-centric and backward-facing. Break-fix works for systems and… Continue reading

How to Fill Your Team with Courage

Courage is the willingness and resolve to act when outcomes are uncertain. Everyone needs courage because we live in turbulent, changing times. Nothing good gets done without courage. Powerful leaders encourage – fill… Continue reading

Six Step Transformational Conversations

“Many people who could have made the biggest difference in my life didn’t.” @pastorhudson tweeted back, “WOW that’s so true! My question is why? Did they not know? Not care? Not have time?” I… Continue reading

Successful Intervention in 5 Steps

Weak leaders smugly think, “I knew that would happen.” Cowardly leaders saying “I told you so.” Not if but how: Strong leaders tip toward courageous intervention. They don’t sit on the sidelines like… Continue reading

8 Power Tips for Building Your Reputation

***** Your reputation is built on being noticed for the right things in the right way by the right people. Reputation is about credibility, trust, and influence. Reputations create or destroy opportunities. Danger:… Continue reading

Lift Others by Helping them Rise Up

Lone Ranger leaders are doomed to fail. Recruiting, retaining, and developing the best talent is central to every organization’s success. Furthermore, people of influence constantly raise the game of those around them. High… Continue reading