15 Qualities of Great Coaches

The dearth of talent speaks to self-absorbed leaders who focus more on results than people.

 coaching leader

Dedicate yourself to developing people. Great people deliver great results.

The coaching-leader is the leader of the future.

15 qualities of great coaches:

  1. Grow themselves. Know-it-alls make lousy coaches.
  2. Practice self-reflection. Growth requires reflection. Successful coaches know how to observe themselves and others.
  3. Enjoy people.
  4. Ask more than tell. Curiosity drives the coaching process. Knowing, at least in the beginning, gets in the way. Even if you think you know, pretend you don’t.
  5. Leave space for responses. Silence precedes enlightenment.
  6. Reveal their own journey when it’s helpful, but don’t need to out-do, one-up, or talk about themselves.
  7. Have their own coach. Great coaches have coaches.
  8. Show compassion. Compassion builds foundations for tough conversations.
  9. Challenge bull crap. Great coaches challenge one-sided perceptions, narrow perspectives, and inconsistencies.
  10. Embrace your goals. Coaches who don’t accept your goals are manipulators.
  11. Keep secrets.
  12. Feel optimism about people and progress. Great coaches believe progress is probable with work.
  13. Focus on behaviors within control.
  14. Let go of past failures and disappointments. Growth requires starting over.
  15. Don’t need to be right; explore options.

Bonus: Press for improvement, progress, and results.

The difference between hand-holding and coaching is high expectation.

Which coaching qualities could you practice today? How?

What qualities would you add to the list?