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13 Ways to Spot Energy Draining Blood Suckers

Blood sucking people, like parasites, suck the life out of you. Successful leaders energize. Lousy leaders drain. The neglected skill of leadership is managing energy. 4 powers of energy: Energy predicts the future.… Continue reading

How to Eliminate Performance Reviews

Traditional performance reviews are like the Easter Bunny. They don’t really deliver. I wish a Fairy would sprinkle fairy dust over every organization and eliminate this fraudulent waste of time, energy, and resources. Distraction:… Continue reading

How to Get Projects Back on Track Fast

People are the main reason projects fail. Getting projects back on track is first about people, then about circumstances. 5 people-reasons projects fail: Confusion regarding purpose. Why is this project important? Lack of… Continue reading

If You Want to Motivate Someone, Shut Up

Raise your hand if you say, “I know you can do it,” to motivate. Recent research suggests that feeling like you can’t motivates more than feeling like you can. Verbal encouragement may not… Continue reading

The Reason Empowerment is Smoke and Mirrors

Power to decide is an either/or proposition. Two groups don’t have power to make the same decision, at the same time, in the same way.  Empowerment is smoke and mirrors until management loses power.… Continue reading

Why, “Do More with Less,” is Stupid

“Do more with less,” demotivates employees. It’s code for work harder. If they’re already working hard, they think, “The more I give the more they want. I’m giving less.” “Do more with less,”… Continue reading