13 Ways to Spot Energy Draining Blood Suckers

Blood sucking people, like parasites, suck the life out of you.

Successful leaders energize. Lousy leaders drain.


The neglected skill of leadership is managing energy.

4 powers of energy:

  1. Energy predicts the future.
  2. Energy provokes action.
  3. Energy produces results.
  4. Energy prescribes direction.

Energy draining bloodsuckers:

  1. Use I, me, and mine like Chinese water torture.
  2. Throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. They use stink, like giant babies, to punish anyone who resists them. You give them what they want just to make them stop.
  3. Give the monkey on their back to some unsuspecting, unfortunate soul.
  4. Accuse others and protect themselves. They scurry for cover like cockroaches when the lights come on.
  5. Pout unless the spotlight shines on them.
  6. Refuse to act on their own. They always need permission, approval, and guidance.
  7. Need to win regardless of the issue. They walk away with satisfied grins when the last nail is driven in your coffin.
  8. Won’t take no for an answer. They make pit bulls look like pussy cats.
  9. Don’t know what “give me some space” means. They’re relentlessly in your face.
  10. Nitpick every detail. They seldom ship it because they’re always perfecting it.
  11. Darken every environment they enter. The challenge of leadership is seeing problems without becoming a self-absorbed black hole.
  12. Create drama. Everything’s a crisis to a parasite.
  13. Need more. The more you give a parasite, the more they need.

Bonus: Most blood suckers believe the sucking sound that surrounds them comes from others.

Energy as evaluation:

  1. What de-energizes? You can’t sustain constant drain.
  2. What energizes? Follow the energy.
  3. What’s your energy level as it relates to current projects?
  4. How can you elevate low-energy situations?

Use the list of de-energizers to determine how to energize others. Leaders who energize others _________.

How do you deal with energy draining blood suckers?