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The Seven Powers of Powerful Questions

Questions are the most powerful statements you make. Questions expose. Your questions tell me who you are. Questions invite thought. Answers end thought. Questions enlighten. “It is not the answer that enlightens, but… Continue reading

Can Complainers Become Leaders

Are complainers potential leaders? Listen closely to their complaints; learn from their techniques. Seeing problems is the beginning of leadership; circling problems ends leadership. Some see problems and complain; leaders see problems and seek solutions.… Continue reading

More Gravy from The Global Leadership Summit

Quotes and concepts from speakers at The Global Leadership Summit: Craig Groeschel: If you’re not dead you’re not done. Don’t fear the new generation, believe in them because they need you. Delegating tasks… Continue reading

The #1 Thing Leaders Suck At

I felt like a kid in a candy story when, after the first ring, Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, picked up the phone and said, “It’s Jim.” Four years ago, by… Continue reading

The Cure for Pessimism

I’m a huge fan of “just go do something,” but a world filled with options and uncertainty paralyzes. When fear prevents the next step, pessimism prevails. Pessimists can’t lead. “The more fearful we… Continue reading

16 Ways to Create Good Fortune

Ask any successful person how they achieved success and many will mention good fortune. Some will say, “I was lucky.” For instance: Jay Elliot told me he met Steve Jobs in the waiting… Continue reading