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The Top 4 Qualities of Successful Leaders

You can’t lead when you know too much. Education establishes barriers to thinking. Everything that comes your way is instantly judged by what you know. In some cases the less you know the… Continue reading

20 Ways to Disagree with your Boss

If you never disagree you’re irrelevant. Here’s how to disagree successfully: Ask what to do if you disagree before disagreements emerge. Watch and learn when others disagree. Avoid win-lose situations, it’s likely you’ll… Continue reading

10 Powerful Strategies to Build Your Confidence

(Photograph courtesy of NASA Langley Research Center) ***** Repeating the past in a changing world makes you irrelevant and insignificant. Employing old strategies in new situations tends toward failure. Transition, turbulence, and change… Continue reading

Everyone Sees the Pimple First

Blemishes captivate just like the negative past. The dark past draws you backward into futile conversations that solidify rather than solve. Complaints always focus on the past. Problems pull backward. But, solutions draw… Continue reading

10 Ways to Become a Risk-Taker

“Real change agents comprise less than 10% of all business people,” Jack Welch. Most leaders play not-to-lose rather than playing to win, especially in large organizations. The more we have to lose the… Continue reading

10 Questions That Give Vitality to Beginnings

Painful endings and uncertain beginnings are the two moments you make the most difference in a leader’s life. 10 Dangers in every new beginning: Confusing and obscure pictures of success. Listening to counsel… Continue reading