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16 Ways to Create Good Fortune

Ask any successful person how they achieved success and many will mention good fortune. Some will say, “I was lucky.” For instance: Jay Elliot told me he met Steve Jobs in the waiting… Continue reading

Taking Criticism Like a Pro

This question arrived from a reader: “My boss says I need to get better at taking criticism.” Confidence when criticized: Confidence is a product of knowing what to do next. Close your eyes… Continue reading

Manipulative Questions

Image source Questions may make others feel uncomfortable even manipulated. I felt disappointed when I was told, “Sometimes when you ask a question I think you already know the answer.” Ouch! It’s true; I… Continue reading

How to Invite the Preferred Response

Say the right thing the wrong way and you’ll disconnect. Intent to connect, correct, or be useful isn’t useful unless content, tone, and body language fully align. Everything you say invites responses from… Continue reading

The Revealing Power of Fear

  I’ve noticed an unsettling and revealing set of questions that my coach, Bob Hancox, asks. What’s most concerning for you? What makes this so important to you? What’s really at stake for… Continue reading

Leadership’s Greatest Value

Problems are giant black holes that capture focus, drain vitality, and divert resources. Solving problems seduces leaders away from future opportunities causing them to focus on past inadequacies. Problems that threaten organizations must be… Continue reading