Overcome distraction

Hitting the pillow in exhaustion, have you ever wondered what happened? What did I accomplish? Where did the day go?

It seems the busier life is
the easier it is to be distracted from living.

Are you having enough fun? Are you building relationships with the people that matter to you? Are you taking care of your mind, body, and spirit? Do I hear you saying, “I don’t have time to do those things?”


Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s premier executive coaches, has a coach that calls him every day. I refer to him in the post, Personal Accountability. Marshall’s coach asks him a series of predetermined questions. How many sit ups did you do? How much time did you spend writing, etc.?

One of the world’s great coaches has a coach. Tiger Woods has a coach. Maybe you and I need one too.

Today I’m having lunch with a person that is ready to be my coach.

Yesterday I asked my wife to explain an issue she thinks is falling through the cracks in my life. She said fun. She said, “You work right up till bed time.” I was surprised because I think I’m a fun guy. But she has a point.

I’m crafting questions for my coach to ask me. The topic areas include:

Physical health

Mental health

Spiritual health

Marital health

Relational health

Career health

One of the questions is, “Did you intentionally do something just for fun today?” Another is, “Did you have a personal conversation with your wife?”

This process is already helping me overcome distraction and live intentionally.


I’ve listed six topic areas that form a basis for accountability questions. What topic areas would you add?

What questions would you like a coach to ask you?