Now not later

Ever thought that things will slow down tomorrow, next week, or next month? Did things slow down? People who think things will slow down in the future are almost always wrong. They may be mildly self-delusional.

This morning I had coffee with a community business leader who recently started a business. His comment, “I should have done this 15 years ago.”

Is your putting-things-off bucket overflowing? Do you consistently put off what you want to do for what you have to do. You’ve been putting things off too long.

If not now, when?

Can you reach into your bucket of things you want to do and pull something out today, something small? If you can, then do it now. Do it today.


Buried under a smoldering pile of responsibility is a suffocating passion. Can you give oxygen to your passion today?

Call someone you want to reconnect with.

Talk to your children or spouse. Last night my wife and I turned off the TV and talked for 30 minutes. Cool!

Read a chapter in a book.

Watch the birds.

Clean out a desk drawer.

Say thank you to those around you.

Spend five minutes thinking about the future.

Pursue a new opportunity.

Give something away.

Take one small step toward the life you dream of.


The statistics on death are 100%. If not now, when?

What can you take out of your want-to-do bucket today? If you share it here, you may be more likely to follow through.