How not to drive others nuts

You do things that drive others nuts. You frustrate, irritate, disorient, and disappoint.

You may not know how irritating you are

One of the guys on my leadership team is a doer-maximus. He creates to-do lists in a flash and just as quickly begins checking items off. It’s a thing of beauty. It took me a long time to realize I drove him nuts.

When I was younger

While he checked an item off his list, I was rethinking it. I came up with ways to improve it. The day after it was check off his list I could call him and say, I’ve been wondering about the decision we made last night.

Decisions were always fluid. This drove him nuts.


I still have a tendency to rethink and tweak ideas after the fact. However, I’ve learned about myself. I can see I drive others crazy.

Helping others

Admit your quirks, frailties, and weaknesses first to yourself and then to others.

For example, you may listen briefly, make quick decisions, and then later, rethink.  That frustrates implementers. Acknowledge you make snap decisions and then rethink. Explain it may be helpful to wait a day before beginning a new initiative. Better yet, include others in the rethinking process.

Perhaps you get so lost in thought while walking that you inadvertently ignore others. Tell your people your frailty so they don’t take it personally.

On the other hand, you may seem gruff or angry when you aren’t. Explain that your face isn’t always in harmony with your heart.

No excuses

Don’t make excuses. Don’t stop working to improve your inadequacies. However, no one is good at everything.

You can minimize the negative impact of your weaknesses by acknowledging them and including others in your journey to success.


Do you or someone you know drive others crazy? How?

How might weaknesses be communicated in ways that encourage others and build positive relationship? (without being an excuse maker)