The Most Dangerous Time in Your Career

A promotion may be the most dangerous time in your career. Within 18 months, 40% of all new managers and executives fail.

Success is dangerous.

The move from front line employee to supervisor/manager is the most dangerous of all. One reason is you’re facing one of the greatest leadership challenges of all, moving from resisting change to communicating change.

10 Steps to effectively communicate change. (Adapted or quoted from, “From Bud to Boss.”)

  1. “Sell” individuals. You can influence others; you cannot control them.
  2. Help people take ownership. People tend to change for their reasons, not yours.
  3. Include people in the process. Waiting to include others creates turmoil and distrust. Besides, you’ll never find the perfect way to communicate change, don’t wait.
  4. Call it a journey. Organizational change is never like a light switch, one moment off the next on.
  5. Ask questions. Communicating change is less about presentations and more about conversations.
  6. Sell small – gradually build a new status quo. Interpret small changes as steps in the larger process.
  7. Ask questions. Yes, it’s here twice. Ask early, late, and frequently.
  8. Name it. Develop a slogan. Capture vision with a label that helps people talk about it.
  9. Celebrate progress. Don’t wait for completion, perfection, or big events. Find progress and point it out.
  10. Take responsibility. All leaders always change things. It’s up to you to make it happen. Communicate with intention, clarity, passion, and compassion.

What other suggestions can you offer for effectively communicating change?

What other challenges do new managers/leaders face?