9 Ways to Help Others Make Decisions

Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Great leaders are decision makers. The down side of this is an ability to “know” what others should do; to make decisions for rather than with others.

5 reasons it’s easy to know what’s “best” for others.

  1. We replace their life-purpose with our purpose for them.
  2. We use our personal values to evaluate their behaviors.
  3. We don’t bear responsibility for the consequences of life-decisions they make.
  4. We haven’t thought deeply about available alternatives.
  5. We don’t fully understand the complexity of the problem.

It may be easier to say, “You should,” and give others a decision than to engage them in a process that eventually enables them to function without us.

Give others decision-making tools rather than decisions.

9 Ways you can help others make great decisions.

  1. Connect them with people that have experience and expertise.
  2. Help them identify the real problem/challenge. Ask what the problem is and then say it back to them.
  3. Explore risk tolerance. Ask what they are willing to lose. (Realize people tend to be overly optimistic.)
  4. Inspire them to lean toward doing something. Bolster their confidence.
  5. Help them explore, examine and then express their values. Ask what makes you tick.
  6. Encourage them to examine expected outcomes. Ask what if …
  7. Clarify and then connect their life-purpose with anticipated outcomes. Ask how this decision takes them where they want to go.
  8. Explore pros and cons for each available option. Ask what could go wrong and what could go right.
  9. Allow the significance   of each   decision to determine the time allotted to make it and then set decision-deadlines. Ask when they can pull the trigger.
  10. ???

Why does it seem easy to know what others should do?

What other decision-making tools can you suggest?