Life Always Requires Intervention

Life always requires attentive intervention. Death arrives on its own. Do nothing you die. Do something you may live.

Products, people, and organizations follow predictable life/death cycles.

The organization I lead is positioned on a recent three year reinvention. It’s an exciting time where teams dare to think new thoughts and embrace new challenges. The ideas floating around scare me. That’s a good thing!


Writing Leadership Freak was an intervention in my life – an expression of reinvention. The “Leadership Freak Life Cycle” is on the upward side of the curve. At the current pace, views exceed a million a year – and growing. I’m thankful and thrilled.

But, I know the curve inevitably turns downward unless there’s intervention.

Mission and vision aren’t altered. I want to encourage leaders along their leadership path in small daily doses.

Some of you intuitively share and participate in that vision with your comments. I’m thankful and thrilled. By the way, I love the multi-layered conversations the regularly pop up.

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Is there a next level or intervention for Leadership Freak?

Your insights, suggestions, warnings, and observations can help me explore what’s next, if anything.


Do you see an evolution of the Leadership Freak community?

Do you see next level opportunities that help leaders reach higher?


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