Five Strategies that Create Your Future

If you feel stuck you are. You want to be unstuck but wanting doesn’t change anything. Wanting without acting makes matters worse. Frustration drains you.

Frustration and blame are twins. Where there is blame there is frustration – where there is frustration there is blame. Blame and frustration deepen ruts.

Getting unstuck:

Taking responsibility ends blame and frustration. Acknowledging fault is the beginning of responsibility. Acknowledging fault, however, is never sufficient.

Taking responsibility is solution-finding, planning, and acting.

Nothing less than action indicates you’ve taken responsibility.

Five strategies for creating your future:

  1. Deal with past failures or offences. Your history is not your future but if you don’t take responsibility it will be.
  2. Take one step. Reject all or nothing thinking. If you try to fix everything, you’ll end up fixing nothing. Try things. Fail fast – fail cheap – learn and grow.
  3. Invite others in. Aloneness is the safe world you’ve built. It keeps you stuck. Vulnerability invites others in and destroys aloneness. My coach Bob Hancox keeps bringing this up to me. Thanks Bob.
  4. Advance the agenda. It’s important and useful to express your frustrations. It’s more important to advance the agenda – to move through frustrations to a simple next step, regardless of how small that step is. Doug Conant taught me to move the agenda forward. A conversation that doesn’t move the agenda forward is one more downward step.
  5. Create simplicity. Confusion ends progress; simplicity creates it. Let confusion become your focal point for creating simplicity. Complexity is the wrong path. Simplicity is the actionable path.

What has helped you get unstuck?

What getting-unstuck suggestions can you offer?