Gain Influence with Others by Seeing Yourself

I’m from Maine. My parents are from Maine, and so are my parent’s parents. We refer to ourselves as MAINEiacs and we have a reputation for stoicism. Maybe the cold winters make us that way? My dad is a classic Maineiac – steady and unemotional.

Self-awareness to this MAINEiac seemed like a passing fad – like 8-track stereo tapes. Maybe I’m just uncomfortable looking within?

I’m learning self-aware leaders are better leaders.

Seven reasons self-awareness is important:

  1. The better you know yourself the more likely you’ll be able to find your performance sweet spot.
  2. Have you ever been surprised at how others perceive you? The better you know yourself the more you understand the perceptions of others and the better you’ll understand their reactions to you.
  3. Effective skill-development begins with self-awareness.
  4. The better you know yourself the better you’ll be able to influence others.
  5. The ability to walk in someone else’s shoes begins with understanding your own – empathy.
  6. Connecting with others depends on connecting with ourselves.
  7. Fewer blind-spots.

I can think of several individuals whose struggle with influence springs from their inability to see themselves. Their inner disconnection creates a disconnection with others. They lose influence with others because they can’t see themselves.

Seven ways to develop self-awareness:

  1. Create silence. Give yourself time for self-reflection.
  2. Write an autobiography. Go beyond describing events and turning points to responses and feelings.
  3. Write a retirement speech.
  4. Uncover your personal values and rank them in order of importance.
  5. Write a personal S.W.O.T. analysis.
  6. Journal.
  7. Take a self-assessment inventory.

Bonus: Invite feedback. Determine your intentions and then ask people how they perceived your behaviors. Is there alignment?

How are you becoming self-aware?

How does self-awareness help your management/leadership?