Great Leaders Are Great Haters

Maybe hate isn’t such a bad thing, after all. I believe love is stronger than hate. However, hate and love are dynamically connected.

Tuesday’s conversation with Claire Diaz-Ortize, Twitter’s Head of Social Innovation and Philanthropy, made me think about negative versus positive motivation. Are leaders motivated by things they don’t want or things they want.

Hatred of pain, inefficiency, ugliness, unmet needs, and unsolved problems drives leaders to positive action. Leaders love solving problems but first they hate problems.

Stronger emotion:

Fear and pain usually produce stronger emotion than assurance and pleasure. Ask anyone to talk about things they hate or love and hate produces more heat than love.

For example, start thinking of all the people who’ve been good to you and think of one person who’s done you wrong. You’re encouraged and thankful for all the goodness and fired up by the wrongness. Right?

Embrace your hate:

Go ahead! Hate inefficiency, loss, poverty, stagnation, waste, backstabbing, fear, and laying people off.

I absolutely hate stagnation and anything that might lead to it. I spent too much time spinning my wheels. I love forward focus and movement. When I see stagnation I tense up and stop breathing. When I see progress, I breathe again.

The positive from a negative message:

Don’t get stuck in hate. Use negatives to produces positives. Work through hatred to love. Go ahead and hate that you were passed over. Just move through it.


I’m not comfortable posting this article. It feels upside down. In my own life, however, accepting things I don’t want helps me reach for things I want.

Leaders are haters that love solving things they hate.

What do you think? Is this upside down?

Has hating something motivated you to do something positive?


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