Tapping the Positive Potential of Anger


Anger is a high potential power-emotion.

Anger reveals your values and exposes a hidden self. Flipping off reckless drivers may not be polite but it says you value your safety. The sad side of anger is it makes you a fool.

Unmanaged anger is scalding, destructive passion. Managed anger drives change by harnessing energy.

The down side of unmanaged anger:

  1. Motivates reckless behavior.
  2. Loosens tongues.
  3. Causes more damage than good.
  4. Focuses blame on others.

The up side of managed anger:

  1. Motivates action.
  2. Fuels courage.
  3. Clarifies values.
  4. Intensifies focus.

15 Ways to Deal with Anger:

Contributors on my Facebook page completed the sentence, “I deal with anger by ____:”

  1. Trying to find the funny or ironic in the middle.
  2. Getting it out and getting it over quick.
  3. Riding my bike.
  4. Thinking of solutions.
  5. Being sure my brain is thinking before my mouth is moving.
  6. By putting the energy into positive behavior.
  7. Walking away and taking time to evaluate.
  8. By reflecting on my part in the situation.
  9. Painting, writing about it.
  10. Seeking advice from a third party.
  11. Picturing what my grandfather’s reaction would be.
  12. Checking my ego.
  13. Too often saying things I regret. (I had to include that one)
  14. Accepting that I’m angry.
  15. Depending on the situation, letting it out on the person who screwed up.

When I feel anger’s heat, I call a trusted friend and spew it over him. I tell him exactly what I think, unfiltered. He always does the same thing; he listens and slows me down. He saves me from a world of regret and enables me to identify constructive behaviors.


What advantages and disadvantages of anger do you see?

How do you deal with anger?


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