Getting Corporate Leaders Coming to You


Don’t worry about getting noticed by senior leadership; care but don’t worry. Mike Myatt said, “Great leaders don’t need to worry about influencing the C-Suite, the C-Suite will always come to them.”

Stop trying:

Organizations don’t need needy people.

Doug Conant remarked, “Don’t try too hard to connect with senior leadership.” Doug illustrated his point from his High School days. “It seemed the harder I tried to get dates the harder it was. When I forgot about getting dates, I got them.”

John Bell said, “I’m not impressed with people who are managing their careers. They’ll put themselves before the organization. Deal with politics but don’t be political.”

Trying too hard makes things hard.

Smart trying:

Make a difference where it counts.

“Be the internal expert.” John Spence. Find a strategic space where you can shine. Myatt adds, “Don’t just push the envelope, push the right envelope, for the right reason, at the right time.”

Deliver strategic value.

Become an expert at what matters. Determine organizational priorities and intelligently join the conversation. Spence suggests forwarding useful articles to key players.

For example, suppose your organization is getting into LEAN. Know more about LEAN than anyone else. Stay up at night studying LEAN. If you cut your finger, LEAN should come out. Become Captain LEAN.

Be the champion that moves the organization forward.

Doug Conant addes, “Focus on moving the company forward not moving you forward. It’s all about the idea not you.” Conant went on to say, “Don’t try to control the idea. I always believed if I took care of the company the company would take care of me.”

Forget the credit:

Your work has its own voice. If you’re not getting the credit you deserve, it won’t help to grab it. 


Have you seen people trying too hard to get noticed?

What do rising stars bring to the table?


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More tomorrow on connecting with the C-Suite. Thanks to the following leaders for their interviews. (Listed in order of their interview):

Doug Conant
John Bell
Steve Farber
John Spence
Mike Myatt
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