Making Sense of Sandy Hook

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There is no making sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook or other past, present, and future tragedies.

Reasons help but they don’t make sense of something. It helps to say the gunman was on drugs or crazy, but only a little.

Job, the oldest book in the Christian Bible, confronts human tragedy. At one point, the main character says, “Though He (God) slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Job wasn’t making sense of things. He was responding.

There is only response.

I remember recorded phone messages from the past 9/11 tragedy. Their voices whispered, “I love you.” Today, people in Sandy Hook gather together, all bewildered and broken hearted, some angry, but most importantly, loving each other.

Tomorrow’s tragedy waits. It doesn’t make sense to me but I know it’s there.

We’ll try making sense of 20 children and 6 adults dead. At best, we’ll find reasons that might explain but won’t satisfy. The same thing is happening across the globe in places like China or Africa. And what about tsunamis, fires, earth quakes, and …

Response: lead with love.

Hitler led but he didn’t lead with love for others. Great leaders love people, organizations, products, and services. Most importantly, they love making things better.

Leading with love also means preparing for and preventing tragedies.

Leaders who love, express:

  1. Compassion toward the broken.
  2. Correction toward the confused.
  3. Confrontation toward the belligerent.

Join me in praying for suffering people in Sandy Hook and around the globe. Additionally, renew your commitment to lead with love wherever you are.

What does loving leadership look like?