10 Marks of Learn-it-all Leaders

lazy know-it-all

There’s little hope for know-it-all leaders. Too many leaders flap their tongues while their ears nap and their brains slumber.

When was the last time you asked, “Tell me what you think?” Perhaps, by the time you’re done telling what you think, there’s no time for asking what they think.

Your open mouth closes the mouths of others.

Self-development is pivotal to leadership success. Developing you develops your organization. I’m not talking about lazy indulgence; sitting under a tree and finding yourself. I’m talking about lifelong learning that enhances leadership.

Know-it-alls talk. Learn-it-alls listen.

Learn-it-all leaders:

  1. *Judge slowly.
  2. Live transparently.
  3. Question aggressively.
  4. Listen confidently.
  5. Succeed gracefully.
  6. Fail humbly.
  7. Follow willingly.
  8. Reject stagnation. Learn-it-alls passionately pursue point “B.” Point “A” is a pit stop not a destination.
  9. Welcome in rather than push away.
  10. Embrace old values and pursue new methods.

*Judging slowly:

  1. Provides time.
  2. Enables exploration rather than validation.
  3. Give courage to others.

Judge slowly by:

  1. Embracing “and.”
  2. Withholding “but.”
  3. Uncovering new thoughts rather than validating old.
  4. Holding divergent ideas at the same time.
  5. Smiling in silence.

How would you explain and develop one of the ten learn-it-all qualities?