They’re Better Without Me

Step away let others play without you

Step away. Let the players play.

The meeting after the meeting:

The meeting went long because we were finalizing things. It’s understandable, but I’m committed to short rather than long.

After the meeting, I quickly walked out and engaged another leader for a moment. Everyone else remained in the room. Stepping back in, several huddles had formed.

Two inclinations:

My first inclination, join in.

My second inclination, turn and walk out.

The first inclination is a player’s inclination.  Give me the ball. Let me play, too. My second inclination, walking out, demonstrates a coach or leadership inclination. I often feel tension between the two.


They’re devoted to our organization. We share values. They know where we’re going. They’re better without me.

Leadership’s role:

  1. Exemplify passion.
  2. Create and maintain inspirational environments.
  3. Clarify focus.
  4. Develop others.
  5. Give authority.
  6. Galvanize energy.
  7. Elevate standards.
  8. Challenge processes.
  9. Honor effort.
  10. Keep out of the way!

In the end, the ball’s in their court, not mine.

When do you step in vs. step out?

What leadership roles carry the most weight?