Six Ways to Find Your Future

Finding your future

The past is the future for most. Persistence and endurance assure continuity. But, more of the same won’t birth new futures. Looking back and holding on stagnates, solidifies, and congeals life like cold bacon grease.

99% of the conversations I have about the future are actually about the past. Creating the future is recreating “glory days,” for most. It’s foolish and futile.

Modifying the old past never creates new futures.

Memories without dreams are anchors.

The future is made by those who face forward, not backward. Stand on your glory days. Forget reruns.


Blame destroys your future. Your future begins when you own your past.

6 ways to find your future:

  1. Embrace ignorance. The unknown has more potential than the known. Everyone who pretends they know when they don’t, repeats the past.
  2. Reject past methods and strategies. In a turbulent world, methods that become moral imperatives destroy new futures.
  3. Build new relationships. Your future is about people not projects or accomplishments. Current relationships maintain stability; new relationships disrupt and extend. Treasure both.
  4. Embrace social media. Meet people succeeding where you wish to succeed.
  5. Overcome timidity. 70% to 80% certainty is enough.
  6. Systematically build the future alongside the old present. Once your future is strong enough, release the old and embrace the new.

Failure to let go is the reason you haven’t moved forward.

Point of stability:

Focus on values. New futures disrupt. Values stabilize.

Values guide as you go without determining destinations.

Without clear values, you’re adrift.

With 2013 peeking at us, how can leaders take steps to create the future?

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