How to Find Your Passion and Change Your Life


Everyone says, “Follow your passion.” But what if you can’t find it?

Find your passion; don’t wait for it to find you.


Pick the scab of dissatisfaction. Hidden passion often lurks under the surface of discontent. Explore what you don’t like.

What don’t you like about you? Forget what you don’t like about the world. Passion to write Leadership Freak, for example, grew out of disappointment within me – about me.

Explore what you don’t like about what you don’t like?

Comforters kill passion. They’re enemies. Reject comfort. Find passion by following pain. Burning discontent guides.  Those close to you feel compelled to help you feel better. They should help you feel worse.


Follow your strength if you can’t find your passion.  Give your abilities to others. This option falls way below following pain, but if you don’t feel dissatisfaction, try it.

Passion isn’t found in current activities, if it was, you’d feel it now. Passion is more about what you aren’t doing. Explore new channels for strengths. Follow your strength if it’s buried, neglected, or under-utilized.


Your contribution to the world rises up when you work on you. Frantic living muffles passion. Reflect every morning or evening. Take walks. Sit quietly 10 minutes a day.

You can’t escape the tyranny of the urgent because you haven’t given yourself a chance. Walk even if you can’t get stuff off your mind, for example. Keep doing it.

Passion is first about being, then about doing. Embrace the future you.


Talk with someone who’s found their passion. Forget success; look for contagious joy coupled with discontent. Miserable people won’t help.

Was passion a flickering flame that eventually erupted? Did it strike like lightening? How much of their passion is about them; how much about the world?

 How did you find your passion?

How do you help others find their passion?

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