ABC’s for Leaders – “A”

ABC's for Leaders

Today’s words for leaders begin with “A.”

A’s from Facebook contributors:

  1. Appreciation
  2. Ally
  3. Accessible
  4. Affirmation
  5. Accountable
  6. Available
  7. Adroit
  8. Adaptive
  9. Authenticity
  10. Audacious
  11. Aspire
  12. Alacrity (I had to look that one up. It means: cheerful readiness. Good word.)

See the entire list of A’s for leaders on Facebook. My addition to the “A” list is …


Leadership isn’t pressuring people to tune into you. Successful leaders tune into others. Daniel Pink calls attunement, “Perspective-taking.” (To Sell is Human)

Perspective-taking lowers barriers, connects, and enhances influence.

Those forced to defend their perspective
can’t afford to take yours.

Influence begins by taking another’s perspective.

How to Attune:

The research of Galinsky, Magee, and Gruenfeld suggest the more power you have the less likely you are to take another’s perspective.

Those in charge are out of touch
because they are in charge.

Stop assuming you have power. Status blocks perspective taking. Power wrongly thinks, “Why should I take their perspective when I’m the boss?”

The trouble with powerful leaders is they don’t take perspectives, they give them.

Powerful leaders don’t rely on power.

  1. Stop using power and position as a crutch.
  2. Choose lower seats. In meetings sit in the middle of the table, not the head.
  3. Remove physical barriers. Don’t stay behind your desk when talking.
  4. Avoid references to position.
  5. Take a servants attitude. Work to be helpful.
  6. Talk less. People with power talk too much.
  7. Monitor the emotions of others and adapt. Go slower with fearful people, for example.

“Attunement is the ability to bring ones actions and outlook into harmony with other people and with the context you’re in.” Daniel Pink

How can leaders attune?

What’s your favorite “A” for leaders?

Tomorrow’s post: ABC’s for Leaders – “B.” Add your leadership B’s on Facebook.

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