How to Get Over Yourself

little girl pouting

The world is full of leaders who are full of themselves.

it’s a real eye-opener when you realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. When you were two years old, you could be the center of attention. But, big boys and girls get over themselves.

Self-centered leaders struggle when they aren’t the center of attention. The struggle to be at the center wastes energy, distracts focus, and frustrates teammates.

Get over yourself by getting out of yourself.

The hardest and most important leadership shift you’ll make today is from you to them.

Get out of yourself:

  1. How are they impacted by events, initiatives, and programs?
  2. Talk less about you and more about them. Because I’m a talker, I used to believe talking less was the answer. I was wrong.
  3. Believe more in their abilities. You’re Not omnipotent.
  4. Develop a positive attitude. Find something good to say, often. Negativity is about what you want that didn’t happen. Positivity is about progress they’ve made. You can’t lead if you can’t celebrate the progress of others!
  5. Focus on their potential. The leader’s greatest potential is maximizing the potential if others.

Self-focus is natural. I’m calling you to act unnaturally. Effective leaders get out of themselves so they can focus on others.

How can leaders get over themselves?