From Negative Feelings to Positive Action.


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Negative emotion motivates change. Without negative feelings you get more of the same. Emotions like sadness, fear, anger, and hatred, typically indicate something’s wrong.

Negative emotions challenge.
Positive emotions confirm.

Stuck-people need more fear and anger, not less. Fear they’ll miss what they love and anger it’s getting away.

Transforming negative emotion to positive action:


Stop blaming. Negative emotion is yours not theirs. Others may have done you wrong but the way you feel about it is yours. Own it don’t blame it.

Transformation begins when you
own negative emotions.


Stop what’s not working. Endings create beginnings. Transformation requires an ending.

Blamers focus on stopping others and changing circumstances. But, the first thing to change is your attitude. Forget about changing others. Change you.

Fear and anger point “out there” to what isn’t working. But, real change begins when we acknowledge we, not they, are the issue.

Responses are more important than circumstances.


Embrace power; reject helplessness. Blame is the friend of helplessness.

Helpless people wallow in fear and anger. But, power rises up when helplessness exits.

Eliminate helplessness:

  1. Name it. Leaders courageously define reality.
  2. Share it. Find a trusted friend and spill your guts.
  3. Enable strength by stepping out in small ways. You will rise up. Helpless people confirm their helplessness by explaining what can’t be done.
  4. Find allies.
  5. Start over. All big goals require starting over, again.

Bonus: Reject perfection. Embrace better.

Transformative moments aren’t comfortable but they are necessary.

Wallowing in negative emotion destroys the future and confirms the past. Transform negative emotion by owning, ending, and starting.

How can leaders transform negative emotion into positive action?