12 Ways to Become Extraordinary

Some leaders become extraordinary. But, average is normal.

You climb and struggle toward extraordinary. Mediocrity is a comfortable slide.

Pain is the point where average becomes extraordinary.


Extraordinary leadership requires:

  1. Fierce focus.
  2. Finely honed skills.
  3. Fanatical commitment.

Extraordinary leaders are always falling short. Only the average arrive.

Average leaders:

  1. Look for minimums. “What’s the least we have to do.”
  2. Wonder why extraordinary leaders work so hard.
  3. Ease up when things are going well.
  4. Rest on titles and past performance.
  5. Accept “good enough.”
  6. Make excuses.
  7. Drift, delay, and postpone.

Average leaders say, “Good enough.”

Extraordinary leaders say, “How can we be better.”

12 ways to become extraordinary:

  1. Invest inordinate amounts of time and energy into self-development.
  2. Endure ridicule from the mediocre. “I can’t believe you put that much time into your presentation.” “Why don’t you just relax?”
  3. Despise mediocrity.
  4. Enjoy constructive criticism, instruction, and practice.
  5. Reject the idea you can excel at many things. Being a jack of all trades and master of none is unacceptable to extraordinary leaders.
  6. Understand that falling short is normal when you’re reaching higher.
  7. Deal quickly and aggressively with failure. Extraordinary leaders investigate their failures with a fine tooth comb.
  8. Look for opportunity, not excuses.
  9. Get uncomfortable when you feel comfortable.
  10. Pressure yourself.
  11. Become fanatical about details.
  12. Fear failure.

Becoming an extraordinary leader means working when you don’t have to and improve when others are satisfied.

What does pressing toward extraordinary look like to you?