10 Essentials for Exponential Growth

Every time you accept an unsatisfying present you shrivel and die a little. You don’t have to change everything. But, you have to change something.

Stop thinking about growth and get busy growing.

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Your growth is your responsibility.

10 essentials for exponential growth:

  1. Focus on opportunities. Find opportunity in difficulty.
  2. Resolve to make things better, not perfect.
  3. Compassion on others and yourself.
  4. Guidance from mentors.
  5. Boldness to take the next step, even if you feel inadequate.
  6. Humility to receive suggestions from others.
  7. Appreciation for those who walk with you.
  8. Openness to learn from mistakes.
  9. Grit to try again when efforts fall short.
  10. Awareness that the journey ends when you stop opening doors that create discomfort.

Bonus: Courage to ignore critics who complain from the sidelines.

Overcoming 4 barriers to growth:

Disappointing people:

Never stop growing because someone disappointed you. Why give up because they stopped trying.

Tip: During disappointment show compassion and high standards.

Lack of resources:

Don’t complain that you need more resources. Use the ones you have.

Lack is creativity’s invitation.

Tip: Invite input from outsiders when resources dry up.

Falling short:

Everyone who reaches high falls short.

Those who never fall short aren’t reaching high enough.

Tip: If you reach high and fall short, celebrate how far you reached. Reach most of your goals. Set a few out of reach.

Increasing uncertainty:

Growing through uncertainty instills a can-do attitude. Boldness comes from succeeding at something you weren’t sure you could do. Fear says, “You can’t do it.”

The closer you get to starting new challenges the more uncertain you feel. Just start.

Tip: Find courage by telling stories of past courage.


Successful leaders develop others. Your greatest opportunity isn’t results. It’s developing leaders who deliver results.

How might roadblocks be opportunities?

Which of the 10 essentials to growth speaks to you?