Finding Your Greatest Contribution

The worst thing in life is recurring frustration that could be avoided.

In life, everyone repeats until they learn.

in life everyone repeats until they learn

Your greatest contributions are the answers you find while navigating tough times – storms.

The storm has an answer you haven’t found yet.

Finding answers:

  1. Celebrate storms. Resist and you’ll repeat. All leaders navigate rough seas. Fighting storms drains energy that could be used to navigate them
  2. Go below deck and reflect on your journey. Reflect or repeat. If you don’t reflect you’ll encounter this storm again.
    1. Do you have a feeling that you’ve been here before? Have you encountered similar storms?
    2. What is there about you, that invited this storm to return?
    3. What have you learned from past storms?
    4. How are you better because of previous storms? Worse?
  3. Climb the mast and look around. Reject the inclination to close up and pull back.
    1. Explain the situation to a trusted advisor. There’s power in talking about it.
    2. What does it look like to successfully navigate this storm?
    3. Who do you want to be?
    4. What’s the worst/best that could happen?
    5. Listen to the person who says what you don’t want to hear. How might they be right?
  4. Choose a forward-facing course. The worst thing you can do in a storm is nothing.

Cling to curiosity when the seas are rough.

Self-inflicted storms:

Sometimes we cause our own storms.

  1. Spending more time fixing weaknesses than maximizing strengths.
  2. Not standing up for your values. It’s better to be in a storm caused by standing up for your values, than to suffer because you compromised.
  3. Ignoring feedback.
  4. Letting yourself off easy.
  5. Neglecting responsibilities.
  6. Blaming rather than owning.
  7. Acting independently with a closed mind.

The way you navigate storms expresses and forms your greatest contribution to the world.

How might leaders successfully navigate storms?

What lessons have you learned in storms?