13 Multipliers that Elevate Average to Remarkable

Small multipliers elevate average to remarkable.

Last week, due to flight delays, I arrived at the Hilton around 3:30 a.m. The night clerk greeted me by name, smiled, made sure I had everything I needed, and asked if I needed a shuttle in the morning.

 I usually ignore customer surveys, but not this time. She acted like she owned the place. Small multipliers made her service remarkable.

eye contact multiplies everything.png

13 multipliers that elevate average to remarkable:

  1. Follow the imperfect suggestions of others. Just say, “Go ahead and try it. Let me know how it works.” People own their own ideas. 
  2. Stop explaining why things are difficult. If it’s worth doing it’s difficult. Just do it.
  3. Add, “That’s the way I like it,” to sentences. My team failed and that’s the way I like it. Or, my team failed, but we’re working to improve, and that’s the way I like it.
  4. Touch people. Shake hands. Pat people on the back. (Take culture into account.)
  5. Watch how people interact with each other. Honor and fuel positive people.
  6. Say please and thank you. Stand up when someone enters the room and speaks to you. Good manners are cost effective.
  7. Look’em in the eye. Eye contact multiplies the impact of a thank you. If you’re going to say thank you, why not make it an important moment? Eye contact multiplies everything.
  8. Surround complaints with solutions and gratitude. Never allow complaints to stand alone.
  9. Walk around like you’re there to make things better.
  10. Breathe. Set a timer and breathe for one minute.
  11. Hold your head up. I look down when I think and I think a lot. It’s surprising how lifting my head lifts my attitude.
  12. Take a short walk at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. (Practice #10 and #11 at the same time.)
  13. Search for yes. “No” is unremarkable.

Bonus: Sip don’t gulp.

What small multipliers elevate average to remarkable?