7 Surprising Secrets to Getting More Done

The more you get done the further you go. But flopping around like a headless chicken isn’t the answer.

eliminate distractions during your most productive time of the day.png

7 surprising secrets to getting more done:

#1. Get boring. Develop predictable routines. It takes more discipline to function in freeform. Do the same thing at 6 a.m. everyday. I learned this when my travel schedule began interrupting my morning writing routine. Writing in the evening is misery.

Predictability saves energy. Routines enable focus.

#2. Build a team of doers. Organizations need more doers than dreamers. Don’t tell me what you hope to do. Tell me what you’ve done.

Dreamers are like salt. A little goes a long way.

#3. Tap into fear. Don’t ignore your dread of falling short or screwing up. It may not be the most noble motivation, but it’s a great kick in the pants when timelines are short and people are counting on you.

Don’t count on people who don’t care if they let people down. People with self-respect care.

#4. Find a work buddy. Work with someone who works like you. Find a morning person, if you like to start early, for example.

#5. Eliminate distractions. Turn off email. Close the door.

Eliminate distractions during your most productive time of the day.

#6. Be your own boss, even if you have one. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. My head will explode if I hear one more person excuse poor performance with, “I was waiting…”

#7. Tap into joy. Fear may work in the short-term, but joy keeps pulling. Align with inner motivations. Write lists, if you enjoy checking things off? Use a whiteboard and bright colors.

I love working with ideas and solving pressing issues. When these two things are present, work isn’t work.

Bonus: Don’t work when you rest.

Stop working to get more done.

Which of these ideas is most useful to you?

What suggestions for getting more done might you add?