The CEO of Ace® Hardware on Leadership

I asked the CEO of the largest home improvement franchise company in the world, Ace® Hardware, what others saw in him as a leader. He started talking about definitions.

Define what leaders do if you want to lead.

be as diligent about learning how to lead as you are about leading.png

Three Definitions of Leadership:

  1. Leaders take people where they could not go on their own.
  2. “Leaders rally people toward a better future.” Marcus Buckingham
  3. Leaders galvanize people to want to do what must be done.

Leaders instigate forward-facing movement. You have to go somewhere to lead. You aren’t just taking a walk.

John Venhuizen in his own words (2:48): 

The leader’s journey:

John both likes and dislikes the term journey.

“I worry about the term journey because it can give people the impression of aimless meandering.” John Venhuizen

John in his own words (1:17):

Leadership is a journey of constant learning.

The challenge to learning is busyness. Some leaders don’t take time to develop themselves because they’re busy leading.

The journey of leadership is enhanced and sustained by self-development. What are you doing to develop your leadership?

Be as diligent about learning how to lead as you are about leading. Anything less shortens your reach and lessens your impact.

How do you define leadership?

What might you do to develop your leadership today?

**Like many growing organizations Ace works to develop people. The Ace Center for Excellence is launching a new workshop titled, “Leadership Lessons.”