7 Principles of the Pig

If you have a team of pigs, fall in love with bacon.

The people on your team reflect the future of your organization.

if you treat pigs like pigs you'll get lots of bacon but you'll never get eggs.png

The future begins with who’s on your team, not where you want to go. First ask, “Who is on the team?” After that, ask, “Where can they take you in the near future?”

It doesn’t matter how badly you want eggs, if you’re surrounded by pigs.


Before trying to lead, accept people for who they are. It’s sabotage to wish pigs were chickens, if you don’t plan to replace them.

Pigs love mud and slop. Pigs in a chicken coop won’t give you eggs. Feed them chicken food and you’ll still end up with bacon.

Pigs will be frustrated if you reject their pigginess and so will you.

Thriving with pigs:

If you treat pigs like pigs you’ll get lots of bacon, but you’ll never get eggs.

Seven principles of the pig:

  1. Pigs don’t lay eggs.
  2. Treat pigs like pigs if you want them to thrive. Acceptance is one of the great gifts leaders extend to people.
  3. How might you ignite pig-passion, rather than imposing chickenness.
  4. Training won’t help. If you want eggs, find some chickens.
  5. Rewards and punishment won’t help pigs act like chickens.
  6. Ask yourself where pigs can take you. Go there.
  7. If pigs can’t take you where you need to go, replace them with chickens, or buy a new farm.

Even if you could convince pigs to go to chicken heaven, they wouldn’t thrive and neither would you.

The beginning of the future is accepting the people on your team.

How might leaders learn to thrive with their current team members?

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