7 Ways to be Pigheaded without being a Jackass

Success requires stubbornness. Think Winston Churchill or Gandhi.

Be pigheaded about something magnificent.

be pigheaded about something magnificent

It can’t be done:

Successful leaders find energy in challenge and difficulty. Watch what happens when you tell a leader it can’t be done. 

When things get hard, gritty leaders try harder.

But persistence has a dark side.

7 signs you might be a jackass:

  1. You never change your mind. Proving others wrong is near obsession.
  2. The world is filled with jerks and idiots.
  3. Talking loud and long is normal.
  4. You feel powerful when you hold people’s feet to the fire.
  5. The reason people don’t like you is you’re so awesome.
  6. You forget the big picture. Hacking in the weeds makes you frustrated and narrow.
  7. Teammates are competitors, not collaborators.

A  persistent jackass has self-defeating stubbornness, but pushovers don’t succeed.

7 ways to be pigheaded without being a jackass:

Remarkable success requires focused persistence.

#1. Practice persistence with openness.

  1. How are your “not talking” skills?
  2. When are you “going with”? Or, are you always pushing against?
  3. Who speaks into your life on a regular basis?
  4. What unexpected people are you including?

#2. Dig in for long-term goals. Learn and adapt along the way.

#3. Expect more from yourself than you expect from others. One seduction of leadership is personal exemption.

#4. Enjoy the sparks of diversity.

#5. Evaluate progress. Are you learning and moving forward or spinning your wheels?

#6. Admit you’re wrong. Ego is always right. Humility learns and adapts.

#7. Be “for” more than “against”.

This post is inspired by my conversation with Andre’ Borschberg, co-founder of the Solar Impulse Project.

Andre’ on hiring a boat company to make parts for an airplane (3:10):

What makes persistence a bad thing?

How might leaders be stubborn without being jackasses?

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