How to Face 2017 Like a Leader

You cannot lead while jousting with the past.

The direction of your leadership begins with the direction of your thoughts. Remarkable leadership is forward-facing and future-focused. 


Many of the conversations I have about the future end up focused on the past. People say they want to discuss their future. Typically, they’re fighting with history.

Fighting history fills one with doubt and fear. It takes courage and faith to pivot forward and create a future.

Successful leaders know that we all live the future now.


Thoughts are bricks. Everything you see began in someone’s imagination.

Ignite the imagination of your team. Discuss and adopt a shared picture of the future you aspire to build together.


  1. How do we aspire to treat each other?
  2. If our efforts succeed, what will we have built? Get specific. How might you live the future today?
  3. What does it mean for your team to pivot toward the future right now? Adopt this approach while dealing with complaints.
  4. How does the way you are thinking about yourself and others reflect the future you aspire to build? 

Aspiration matters most when it’s least convenient.

Don’t say, “When things settle down we’ll think about aspirations.” That’s fear and doubt talking. Shared vision gives meaning to the mundane.


  1. How will today’s actions be a small expression of the future you aspire to build for yourself and others?
  2. What are you doing that’s an expression of aspiration?
  3. If you keep doing what you’re doing, where will you end up?


List three behaviors of great teams. How might you bring one of those behaviors to life today? It’s great to dream about emerald city, but only leaders start building it.

The only value of an aspiration is the action it inspires.

What leadership qualities or behaviors are most relevant during New Years?