How to Succeed by Aiming Ridiculously Low

Aiming high is overrated.

Aim ridiculously low if you want swift response and immediate action.

Big goals are marshmallow clouds on chocolate rain Mondays, unless they distill into small daily behaviors.


Ridiculously low:

Ask a team member, “What’s your energy level right now on a scale of 1 to 10?” Don’t challenge or judge their response. Accept it. Suppose they say, “6.”

Follow up with a ridiculously low question. “What could you do to raise your energy level to 6.1?”

Easily answered questions generate quick options. Possibilities fall like rain.

  1. Take a quick walk.
  2. Spend three minutes focused on your breathing. Aim even lower. Set a timer for 30 seconds.
  3. Drink water.
  4. Eat a banana.
  5. Say something encouraging to a colleague.
  6. Call a friend.
  7. Do something you’ve been putting off.

Move the needle by .1:

  1. You give yourself a 7 on providing timely feedback. How might you move that to 7.1?
  2. You rate yourself an 8 on providing clarity. How might you become an 8.1?
  3. How might you strengthen a strained relationship by .1%?
  4. How might we increase the momentum of our team meetings by .1%?
  5. How might you lower stress by .01%?

Add magic:

Swift response requires short timelines.


  1. Now.
  2. Today.
  3. This morning.

What might you do to raise your energy from 6 to 6.1 today?

Today’s incremental change is better than tomorrow’s grand dream.


Shift from ‘you’ to ‘I’ if you want to give support. What could I do to help elevate your energy from 6 to 6.1?

Discouraged people need support, but don’t validate their helplessness.

How might leaders use the power of aiming low?