One Essential After Being Passed Over For Promotion

They chose someone else. You were passed over for promotion.

You keep telling yourself there’s a silver lining. But your inner critic is going nuts and it feels like everyone in the office is looking at you.


You loved your job yesterday. Today, after getting passed over for promotion, you’d like to walk in and quit. Don’t.

One essential after being passed over for promotion is explore other options. Send out your resume. Why not? It’s up to date. Connect with headhunters. Explore opportunities, even if you weren’t planning to. 

Get passed over more!

Give yourself permission to fail. Put yourself in a position where you get passed over a few more times. Apply for your dream job in another organization.

Take the reigns of your future. But be prepared, there’s more rejection out there.

Getting passed over is part of life. You aren’t the best fit. People don’t fully appreciate how wonderful you are. Maybe there are internal politics. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like it.

If you can’t risk getting passed over, you’ll end up stuck. You’ll play it safe. You’ll end up hating yourself.

Find reasons to stay.

Send your resume out, but find reasons to stay at the same time.

How much – on a scale from 1 to 10 – did you enjoy your job before you were passed over? If the number is low, why didn’t you choose a lower number? This question will help you look for positives when you feel dark.


Ask, “What would have been true of me if I had been chosen?” Don’t obsess about what’s wrong with you. Focus on who you might become.

Splash around in humility awhile. It does a heart good.

Tip: Here’s a general rule for success. Run toward, not from. Running from something often makes matters worse.

What should leaders do when they are passed over for promotion?

Afterword: This post is inspired by a reader who left a comment on yesterday’s post about being passed over for a promotion. Sometimes it feels like a punch to the gut.