How Negative Leaders Become Positive Today

The immediate environment around you is your complete responsibility. 

Become positive:

#1. Imagine you’re a positive leader. Go do that. 

Behave your way into positive leadership.

#2. Stop saying, “Yes, but….”

One reason you’re stuck in negativity is you’re saying, “Yes, but …,” after reading #1 above.

#3. Ride ponies you can control. Set the rest free.

One of the great decisions of life is choosing to focus your energy on things within your control.

#4. Think influence, not control.

Trying to control people is maddening and stressful. It’s manipulation when threat or coercion are necessary.

Frustration is your inner control freak screaming to get out.

Most leaders wrestle an inner control freak, even you. One way to identify your inner control freak is to monitor your frustration today.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “The people upstairs demand results. So I have to demand results.”

Ask yourself, “How might I influence people to serve organizational and personal interests?”

How might you influence your team to deliver results without pressure or threat? Think of things like:

  1. Transparency with the challenges ahead.
  2. Confidence in others.
  3. Candor and feedback regarding performance.
  4. Cooperation to multiply results.
  5. Challenge to reach high together.
  6. Ownership and responsibility to each other. How might you offer ownership, rather than demand it?
  7. Respect for passion, skill, and accomplishment in others.

#5. Take care of others.

You can’t do everything, but you can care. Taking care of people isn’t doing their job for them. It’s treating them with honesty, respect, courtesy, and optimism.

The people around you are in your care. If you can’t take care of the people on your team, you can’t lead in a positive way.

How might negative leaders be positive today?