4 Questions in 4 Days that Strengthen Teams and Elevate Performance

It’s Monday morning in the U.S. (Apologies to everyone who is a day ahead of us.)

I’m posting 4 questions in four days that enable leaders to strengthen teams and elevate performance.


Imagine little Freddy throwing a tantrum in the grocery story. Freddy’s mommy or daddy give him the candy bar he’s screaming for. What happens next time little Freddy goes to the grocery store?

You get what you honor. Freddy learns the value of throwing tantrums.

Celebrations, rewards, and honor tell people what matters.


Monday: What small wins might you celebrate today?

When you see something good, go nuts.

  1. Speak well of someone in front of others. A thank you can be done in private. Praise is done in front of others. (Adapt to people’s preference. Not everyone enjoys being singled out.)
  2. Pat people on the back. Literally.
  3. Bring a cake to the lunch room.
  4. Take someone to lunch.
  5. Write a handwritten thank you note.
  6. Call someone to your office and say, “I noticed that you … . Thank you.”
  7. Put a post-it note on someone’s door. “You rock at ….” (Don’t sign it.)
  8. Pass along praise from customers.
  9. Give gift cards for a local coffee shop.
  10. Send a video thank you message to their cell phone.

Notice character and effort:

  1. Who displays grit? They’re working through a tough challenge and progress is slow.
  2. Who is passionate to improve? They’re reading books, taking a course, or seeking feedback.
  3. Who encourages others? They’re interested in bringing positive energy to conversations.

You’re more likely to get big wins if you celebrate small successes.


  • Don’t criticize something because it isn’t perfect. Think about trajectory and progress.
  • Build culture by celebrating desired behaviors.

How might leaders celebrate small wins in simple ways?

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