7 Ways to Take Responsibility for Team Success

The simplest definition of ‘leader’ is someone with followers. But how can you be worthy of being followed?

“Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.” Frances Hesselbein

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.” Warren Bennis

The person worthy of followers is:

  1. Learner more than knower. What can you learn today?
  2. Listener more than talker. How might you talk less and listen more?
  3. Lover more than hater. What do your really want?
  4. Truster more than skeptic. Where can you show confidence in others?
  5. Connector more than recluse. How might you strengthen relationships today?
  6. Liberator more than controller. How might you eliminate hindrances to performance?
  7. Enabler more than roadblock. How might others feel more powerful?

The greatest responsibility of servant leaders:

You might say, “Dan, I want to be a successful leader.”

My question is, “What accountabilities are you willing to assume?”

The greatest responsibility of leadership is the success of others. When others succeed in ways that serve organizational interest, you succeed.

Take 100% responsibility for the success of the team.

  1. Eliminate deadbeats.
  2. Bring up tough issues.
  3. Expect results.
  4. Train when people don’t know.
  5. Coach when people have aspiration and potential.
  6. Correct when people go wrong.
  7. Cheer when people succeed.

4 steps on the path of successful leadership:

Lousy leaders are consumed with the performance of others and neglect their own development.

  1. Begin each day with leadership intentions. Choose how you show up.
  2. End each day with quiet reflection.
    1. How did you intend to show up?
    2. What did you learn?
    3. Where might you improve tomorrow?
    4. How did you accomplish what you intended to accomplish?
    5. What would you do differently?
    6. What worked well?
  3. Take a course. Read a book. Subscribe to Leadership Freak. 
  4. Get a mentor. Hire a coach.

Which of the above ideas seem most relevant or important to you?

What might you add?