A New Chapter for Every Leader’s Journey

A coaching client suggested another chapter after reading “The Six Chapters of Every Leader’s Journey.”

The six chapters in the leader’s journey:

  1. Believe you can make a difference.
  2. Engage in leading.
  3. Learn leadership skills and behaviors.
  4. Respond to adversity and disappointment with openness and resolve.
  5. Humility.
  6. Kindness.


Belief (#1) is the beginning of leadership.

Learn about leadership (#3) AS you lead (#2).  Learn to lead by leading. Theory and technique matter most when you’re engaged in leading.

Humility (#5) and kindness (#6) are learned in adversity (#4).

Hard-hearted leaders fail to learn from the fires of leadership. Unkind leaders have grown cold and bitter during disappointment and adversity.

Brilliant suggestion:

A coaching client wrote:

“I think people hear the word “leadership” in today’s society and there is an unwritten expectation that everyone jump on board and become a better leader. But rarely do they ever consider WHY they want to be one.”

She continued, “[When] chapter #4 – adversity – hits or some other crisis of faith or conscience … they lose their way because they never really understood the purpose of leadership as it pertains specifically to them.”


A reason to lead fuels desire to lead.

Purpose goes hand-in-hand with believing you can make a difference (#1).

You may not, at the beginning of your journey, fully appreciate the purpose that fuels your desire to lead. All you know is you want to make a difference.

  • Purpose enables grit when adversity hits.
  • Purpose guides in a world filled with options.
  • Purpose protects when cutting corners seems attractive.

Don’t wait for perfect clarity about purpose. Go make a difference. Purpose grows clear AS you make a difference, not before.

  • Listen to frustration. Purpose often lies behind irritation.
  • What’s happening when your energy goes up?
  • Keep asking yourself what matters. Explore why it matters.

What others chapters need to be added to The Six Chapters of the Leader’s Journey?