82% of Managers Have the Wrong Talent

Gallup finds that companies choose managers with the wrong talent 82% of the time.

Bill Clinton’s campaign for President was advanced by the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Organizations that want to attract and retain talent need a slogan like, “It’s the manager, stupid.”

71% of employees are looking for new jobs. (Washington Post)

7 reasons they leave:

  1. Isolated or disconnected manager.
  2. Lack of feeling supported by their manager.
  3. Disrespected by their manager.
  4. Confusing priorities and expectations from management.
  5. Low or no growth opportunities. The number one reason people change jobs is career growth opportunities. (Gallup)
  6. Desire coaching but receive directing from their manager.
  7. Lack of feedback from their manager. Millennials want more feedback! (HBR)

Be the manager everyone wants:

Be you.

The manager everyone wants to work for is real.

Only fakers like fakers. Everyone else is drawn to authenticity with all its quirky vulnerability.

Authenticity is hard because of people-pleasing, fear, and insecurity. Additionally, we’re too busy for self-awareness.

Power question: What story might you tell that will give others a glimpse of your real self?

Extend generosity.

Generous managers advance the status and career of others. Worry less about getting ahead. Worry more about helping others get ahead.

You will be a talent magnet if you advance the career of others.

Power question: How might you advance the status or career of someone today?

Practice humility.

Humility is stronger than arrogance.

  1. Show genuine interest in people as people.
  2. Let others be smart. If you’re always the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.
  3. Build partnerships, not hierarchies.
  4. Speak with kind candor and extend support simultaneously. Arrogance beats down. Humility lifts up.

Power question: How might you get to know someone on your team today?

Bonus: Attract and retain talent by creating opportunity for experiences. (CNN)

Complete this sentence: The manger everyone wants to work for ….