How to Judge Others

You can’t do difficult things fast.

If you want to go fast, do something easy.

The need for speed requires repetition, simplicity, and ease.

Fast for you – slow for others:

Arrogance looks for it’s own reflection in others.

Experience makes challenging tasks quick and easy.

Experience walks into a situation and knows the answer. Just connect A with B. Inexperience is thankful. You wonder why they struggled.

Judge team members through the lens of THEIR experience, not yours.

Your gift makes challenge easy.

You have the gift of gab and a team member has the gift of contemplation. Quiet is challenging for you. Silence is easy for them.

Judge people through the lens of THEIR gift.

Strength makes effort easy.

Preparing for a presentation is easy for me because dancing with ideas gives me energy. I’m excited to find simple ways to connect ideas. Research might suck the life out of you.

Judge people by THEIR strengths, not their weaknesses.


How might you judge others through the lens of their abilities?

Go on a “You’re great at” walk-about today.

  1. Step out of your office.
  2. Look people in the eye.
  3. Smile.
  4. Say something like, “I think you’re great at IE. meeting deadlines. When you take on a job, I know I can count on you. Keep up the great work.”
  5. Walk away. Make it a drive-by-encouragement.

Pick up the phone or video call off-site employees.


Some are terrified of a “You’re great at” walk-about. If that’s you, you know what slow and difficult feels like. Could you start with a “You’re great at” e-mail?

Wrong people:

Persistent frustration with team members means…

  1. They’re the wrong team members. Manage them out.
  2. Training, mentoring, or coaching are necessary.
  3. Modify or change their responsibilities.

What shifts for you when you evaluate others through the lens of their experience, gift, or strengths?

How do leaders bring out the best in others?