Give Presentations Like a Pro Even When You Hate Public Speaking

You might not enjoy it, but leading includes public speaking.

Speaking skills matter when you lead meetings for teams, boards, or the entire company.

You can’t lead without speaking in public.

How to speak like a pro:

#1. Let yourself be seen.

Everyone smells a fake. If you’re nervous, acknowledge it. Don’t circle the topic, but acknowledge it and move on.

Declare your noble heart. Look beyond fear, complaint, or worry. Talk about courageous aspirations.

Share what you’re learning from failure. Be open with personal growth. How has failure shaped you? Made you better?

Rule: Never whine or complain about your failure.

We love leaders who are real.

#2. Brag a lot.

Brag about:

  1. Imperfect team members.
  2. Imperfect teams.
  3. Imperfect progress.

If you have the gift of faultfinding, cork it.

Brag about others when you’re tempted to brag about yourself. Every time you feel like seeking credit, give credit. Every time you want the spotlight, shine it on someone.

We love leaders who love us.

#3. Touch hearts.

Effective public speaking goes beyond facts and figures. How do you want people to feel after you’re done speaking?

Content and style are controlled by the feelings you want to ignite.

Facts, figures, and information are permission to get in the game, but feelings help you win.

  1. How do you want people to feel about themselves?
  2. How do you want people to feel about each other?
  3. How do you want people to feel about the future?

Tie information to stories that touch the imagination and stir the heart. Once the mind is satisfied, emotion drives decisions.

We love leaders who make us feel something.

Great content:

Powerful content is rooted in solutions to frustrations. What frustrates you?

Turn frustration into solution and give it to your audience.

What public speaking tips do you have for leaders who hate public speaking?