My Black Friend Surprised Me with the Truth

I was shocked when a black friend told me she wasn’t welcomed in some stores in our town. This was years ago. I still don’t understand the realities of racism.

I’ve never feared personal injury when pulled over by a police officer. My greatest fear was losing points on my license.

5 reasons people march in the streets:

#1. Leaders protect themselves.

Instead of owning mistakes, some leaders circle the wagons and cover up the truth.

#2. Leaders talk when they should listen.

Giving people a sense of being heard is the beginning of all connection and resolution.

#3. Leaders surrender to the seduction of power.

Power and position give the illusion of competence and wisdom. Successful leaders consistently stifle the illusion of knowing. Foolish leaders press forward and eventually suffer.

#4. Leaders avoid problems.

Avoiding tough issues is never the way to resolve tough situations.

Stepping into a tough situation is a learning opportunity. All solutions emerge from learning.

#5. Leaders act with arrogance.

Everything bad in leadership begins with big egos.

The path to resolution is paved with humility. You can practice humility when you feel attacked or offended.


Solving the crisis of the day is way over my head, but the principles of servant-leadership always apply.

I’ve reread Leadership Freak articles with our current challenges and opportunities in mind. The principles of servant-leadership guide us through uncertainty, confusion, and pain.

Adapt tactics. Hold to guiding principles.

  1. Empathy.
  2. Forward-facing curiosity.
  3. Humility.
  4. Integrity.
  5. Connection.
  6. Vision.
  7. Healing.
  8. Growth and development of people.
  9. Solution-seeking.
  10. Building community.

Inspired by, “What is Servant Leadership.

The path forward:

It’s easy to know what you don’t want and don’t like.

“Don’t wants” create energy. “Do wants” create solutions. The future is built on “Do wants.” In either case, the principles of servant leadership always apply.

What principles of servant leadership are most relevant today?

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