Three Things You Must Let Go

A man is hanging by a branch above a deep ravine. He looks down; then he looks up and yells, “Help! Help! Is anyone up there?”

“I’m here,” the reply comes.

“Can you help me?” the man calls.

The voice replies, “Yes, I can help you. Let go of the branch.”

After a desperate pause, the man cries, “Is anyone else up there?”

When it comes time to let go, most prefer hanging on.

Image of a funny monkey hanging on to a rope.

Most people prefer hanging on to letting go, even when hanging on isn't working.

A former life:

Hanging on is exhausting and frustrating. Strategies that aren’t working won’t magically start working if you just hang on longer. Let go.

You need a former life filled with attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors you have let go. If you don’t have a former life, you’re exhausted and frustrated.

Everyone who grows has a former life.

Every leap forward includes letting go.

You can’t move forward until you let go of what holds you back.

Hanging on delays growth and progress.

Where nothing goes away everything stays the same.

How do you complete this sentence? “In my former life I _________.”

Three things you must let go:

  1. Waiting for the perfect moment. The ‘perfect moment’ is procrastination’s delight.
  2. Thinking you’re always right. A wise person will suggest you try a new strategy. It will feel wrong. Try it anyway. Wisdom feels wrong to fools.
  3. Focusing on can’t. People who focus on what can’t be done are cowards, unless they come up with something they CAN DO.
Image of a person looking at a white board with the words, "Wisdom feels wrong to fools."

Before you let go:

Find a reason to let go.

Choose an aspirational future before you let go of something in the present.

A forward-facing life takes you further than circling the present or hanging on to the past.

Choose a goal that pulls you forward. Ask yourself, “What do I need to let go to move toward this goal?”

What should you hang on to?

What might people need to let go in order to thrive?