4 Tips to Answer Anxiety

Anxiety is a small fire in a pile of dry kindling. It feeds on itself.

Anxiety means you care about results. It’s normal to feel anxious when skills are unproven, environments are unstable, and failure has consequences.

You’re oblivious if failure matters and you never feel anxious.

Anxiety never quietly goes away on its own.

The best answer to anxiety it taking the best step. Image of runners feet.

Anxiety is:

  1. Attaching identity to results.
  2. Needing to NOT change.
  3. Expecting certainty but feeling disbelief.
  4. Turning inward instead of acting forward.
  5. Fearing inadequacy.
  6. Dreading imaginary devils.
  7. Living in the future instead of the present.

4 tips to answer anxiety:

Fighting anxiety creates more anxiety. The best you can do is answer anxiety.

#1. Vitality

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Vince Lombardi


  1. Amplifies the bad and magnifies obstacles.
  2. Creates imagined problems.
  3. Feels inadequate.
  4. Drains resolve.
  5. Destroys creativity.
  6. Loves to blame.
  7. Looks for reasons to quit.

Anxiety is defeated by forward-facing vitality. Focus on building vitality when the demon of anxiety creeps in.

A great part of courage is having done the thing before. Image of a bike with yellow tires.

#2. Action

Action answers anxiety. Fear feeds on inaction.

The best answer to anxiety is taking the next best step. You might not be certain. Just be reasonably confident you won’t make matters worse.

You cannot simply think your way into confidence.

Emotion follows action.

Anxious actions multiply anxiety.

Confident actions create confidence.

Put a big smile on your face and you will feel happier, for example.

#3. Interpretation

Emotions can’t tell the truth from a lie. At the movies you feel afraid when you watch a scary movie. It’s not real.

Interpret problems as opportunity. Problems are intruders. Opportunities are something you seize.

#4. People

The people around you either strengthen your heart or weaken your knees.

Anxiety is contagious. Surround yourself with courageous people.

You answer anxiety by stepping into it, not by waiting for it to go away.

How might leaders answer anxiety?

Authors note: This post is not written to anxiety disorder.

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