How Compassion Answers Anxiety

Anxiety is a merciless taskmaster that slaps you in the night.

Anxiety is a jockey whipping a horse. Everywhere the horse runs, the jockey goes too.

When you open the door, you find anxiety waiting.

How to answer anxiety:

Fighting anxiety creates more anxiety. The best you can do is answer anxiety.

Focusing on anxiety validates anxiety. But if you ignore anxiety, people will think you don’t care.

Compassion answers anxiety.

Anxiety and compassion don’t play well together. Anxiety wants to protect itself. Compassion wants to serve others.

Anxiety makes you small and self-concerned. Compassion makes you big and expresses your best self.

One commitment:

Use anxiety to awaken compassion.

Commit to take care of each other.

Respond to anxious people with your best answer and a commitment to care. You might need to say, “At this time we don’t know. But I know we’re committed to take care of each other.” (“But” creates a powerful contrast.)

Show up to take care of someone.

Ask yourself, “How will I take care of the people I meet today?” Ask the care-question on your way to the office. Before making a call, ask the care-question.

Ask your team, “How will we take care of each other today?”

Ask leaders, “How will we create an environment where people take care of each other?”

Act with compassion instead of working to eliminate anxiety.


Take care of each other so you can take care of your customers.

Ask everyone, “How will we take care of our customers?”

What exacerbates anxiety?

What might leaders say or do to answer anxiety?

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